A Literature Review Based Prioritisation of the Success Factors of Business Intelligence Systems

Mathew, Merin
Vaidya, Ranjan
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

In present times, organisations around the world use business intelligence (BI) systems for strategic and operational advantages. However, the successful implementation of BI is an increasingly complex endeavour. A coherent understanding and prioritisation of the critical success factors (CSFs) for successful BI implementation is crucial. Even though CSFs for successful BI implementation are studied earlier extensively, not enough emphasis has been given to prioritise these CSFs. The primary objective of this research is to prioritise the CSF themes for BI implementation success. The prioritisation of the CSF is based on a systematic literature review. Thematic analysis is used for the prioritisation of the CSF themes. Based on the results of the study, an integrated framework is developed that includes the top three prioritised CSFs for six primary industries: namely, public sector, financial services sector, manufacturing companies, Engineering Asset Management organisations (EAMO), BI solutions, and health sector. The findings of this research show that the top three most vital CSFs for the successful BI implementation are data quality, management support, and clear vision and BI strategy. The integrated framework presented in this study has contributed to narrowing the gap by providing the prioritisation of the CSFs for six primary industries. The framework developed from this research would facilitate BI researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders to better comprehend the prioritisation of CSFs responsible for the success of BI implementation.

Business Intelligence , Success factors , Prioritisation , Implementation , Literature review
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