Conversion of New Zealand's 30m telecommunication antenna into a radio telescope

Woodburn, L
Natusch, T
Weston, S
Thomasson, P
Godwin, M
Gulyaev, S
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Journal Article
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Astronomical Society of Australia

We describe our approach to the conversion of a former 100-foot (30-m) telecommunication antenna in New Zealand into a radio telescope. We provide the specifications of the Earth Station and identify the priorities for the conversion. We describe implementation of this plan with regards to mechanical and electrical components, as well as design of the telescope control system, telescope networking for VLBI, and telescope maintenance. Plans for RF, front-end and back-end developments based on radio astronomical priorities are outlined.

Antenna , Conversion , Radio Telescope , VLBI , IVS , LBA , Methanol , Maser
arXiv:1407.3346 Accepted for Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA) with small modifications, 11 pages, 13 Figures. doi: 10.1017/
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