Laplace transform-based theoretical foundations and experimental validation-low frequency supercapacitor circulation for efficiency improvements in linear regulators

Kankanamge, K
Kularatna, N
Steyn-Ross, DA
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Journal Article
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The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Supercapacitor circulation techniques can be used to improve the end-to-end efficiency of linear regulators based on commercial low drop-out regulators (LDO). In this approach, one or more supercapacitors are used in series and parallel to the input of an LDO IC, and circulated at a very low frequency to increase the end-to-end efficiency by a multiplication factor compared with the efficiency of a linear regulator circuit with the same input–output voltages. This study presents the essential theory of supercapacitor circulation, together with analytical results and comparisons with experimental measurements from a practical 12–5 V implementation. The new technique achieved overall end-to-end efficiencies in the range of 70 to 80%, compared with the maximum theoretical efficiency of 42% for a 12–5 V linear regulator.

Other energy storage , Integral transforms , Capacitors , Power electronics, supply and supervisory circuits
IET Power Electronics, Volume 5, Issue 9, November 2012, p. 1785 – 1792
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