Remote intimacies: technologies of the researching self

Jackson, M
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The paper concerns how techne and praxis have undergone considerable change in meaning since Classical times. Techne is now primarily concerned with the means to production as an extension to or of the self. From the late 19th century praxis has been closely associated with the philosophical and economic theories of Karl Marx. Marxism was also termed a “philosophy of praxis,” and often invoked strong critique of what was considered to be a naïve and instrumental understanding of the neutrality of technology within the Capitalist mode of production. Remote Intimacies, endeavours to look at contemporary understandings of technologies of production in relation to how the question of research and the question of self and community are governed by a fundamental inversion: the self is now an extension of technology.

Technopraxis: Questioning the Place of technology in Research, Auckland, New Zealand, 2007-08-29 - 2007-08-29
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