AC and DC House Wiring Efficiency Estimations Using a Fast Extensive Measurements Approach

Lie, Tek Tjing
Qureshi, JA
Gunawardane, K
Kularatna, N
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Journal Article
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Modern Sciences Journal (MSJ)

DC-based appliances are exponentially increasing in the present market. This scenario opens the opportunity to utilize the DC electricity produced by the PV panels directly without going through the conversion stages. Due to high penetration of DC electricity sources, it is timely to utilize DC electricity directly. Several research works have been reported in the literature to experimentally test and compare AC and DC wiring options. Accurate and precise experimental measurements are vital to establish a sound theoretical basis. However, this is difficult due to cost and time constraints. Therefore, to avoid costly measurements, this paper develops a mathematical model based on measurements on selected AC and DC wiring at four voltage levels (12 V DC, 24 V DC, 48 V DC, and 230 V AC). A digital simulation calibration using DigSilent is conducted to validate the proposed mathematical model. This paper proposed to utilize the simulation calibration approach that is a cost-effective and timesaving option to perform extensive measurements accurately.

modern sciences; AC and DC; fast extensive measurements; house wiring
Journal of Modern Sciences, ISSN: 2767-7982 (Print); 2767-7990 (Online), 12(1).
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