Warkworth 12-m VLBI Station: WARK12M

Gulyaev, S
Natusch, T
Weston, S
Collett, D
Palmer, N
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Journal Article
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AUT University; NASA Technical Publication

This report summarizes the geodetic VLBI activities in New Zealand in 2010. It provides geographical and technical details of WARK12M - the new IVS network station operated by the Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research (IRASR) of Auckland University of Technology (AUT). The details of the VLBI system installed in the station are outlined along with those of the collocated GNSS station. We report on the status of broadband connectivity and on the results of testing data transfer protocols; we investigate UDP protocols such as 'tsunami' and UDT and demonstrate that the UDT protocol is more efficient than 'tsunami' and 'ftp'. In general, the WARK12M IVS network station is fully equipped, connected and tested to start participating in regular IVS observational sessions from the beginning of 2011.

Astrophysics , Instrumentation and methods for astrophysics
IVS 2010 Annual Report, NASA.pp.1 - 6
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All IVS data and products are archived in data centers and are publically available for research in related areas of geodesy, geophysics and astrometry.