Etiquette of Virtual Learning: Tips to Ensure Effective Learning for Medical Students

El Tarhouny, S
Hassouna, A
Khalifa, M
Mansour, T
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Journal Article
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Association for Medical Education in Europe

COVID-19 pandemic is putting immense pressure on medical education delivery, due to sudden complete transition to virtual learning. Medical schools do acknowledge that this is the most challenging experience that they had faced in their educational journeys, given the unprepared community that includes medical educators and students. Being delivered via the Internet, virtual classes have their own ethical challenges. Ethical codes regulating the functionality of institutions, as well as the performance of educators, staff, and students during the online era need to be carefully developed. Virtual manners that are up to the standard provide a healthy environment for successful online teaching sessions. In this article, we are suggesting tips to help educators create and support etiquette online norms.

Etiquette; Virtual learning; Ethics; online
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