Scale – Time – Complexity: engaging, entangling, and communicating ecology

Jamieson, N
Denton, A
Reay, S
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International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)

This project proposes a forum for discussion that questions how we engage with our ecology. The panel will be framed within an acknowledgment of scale, time, and complexity as an entry point into a conversation about our local ecology and the universe beyond. The panellists’ aim to initiate a dialogue by situating the discussion around their own art and design research practices. These practices have emerged from local investigations into ecological issues that evolved into two overlapping research clusters, Art and Ecology, and Design and Innovation for Sustainability, at AUT University, in Auckland New Zealand. In our first collaborative project we explore how we might connect with and communicate ‘ecology’, in methods and practice that recognizes and embraces scale, time and complexity as a tactic into the subject, rather than as a barrier to engagement and the development of potential solutions.

International Symposium on Electronic Arts - ISEA2012 , Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 2012-09-19to 2012-09-24, published in: ISEA 2012 Machine Wilderness, pp.95 - 100 (6)
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