Scattering of daily solutions of the GEONET GPS site ellipsoidal height and baseline length changes

Takiguchi, H
Fukuda, Y
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Geodetic Society of Japan

We investigated scattering of the GPS site coor dinates and baseline length changes using daily GEONET solutions. We first calculated baseline length changes from the daily coordinates, and then calculated their standard deviations every tendays. The standard deviations, which are small in winter and large in summer, clearly show seasonal variations. Another characteristics is that the standard deviations are dependent on the baseline length. These facts suggested that uncorrected water vapor effects affected on the accuracy of the GEONET solutions. The standard deviations of both baseline length and ellipsoidal height show some dependency on the GEONET station IDs, which are related to the year of establishment and the region of the sites. The standard deviations before 1996 are larger than those after 1996. Theyare small near Tsukuba, and are generally large in western Japan compared with eastern Japan. Spatial pattern of the standard deviations at the sites of Trimble receivers seems to have a relation with the regional administration boundaries. This may suggest that environments of observation points or differences of the installation methods affect on the accuracy.

Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan; ISSN:0038-0830; VOL.47 (4); Pp.799-802; (2001)
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