Typographical poetics: a contemplation on memory and loss at the Patea Cool Stores and Freezing Works

Sinfield, David
Ings, Welby
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Master of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

The telling of stories can be a profound form of scholarship, moving serious study close to the frontiers of art. (Featherstone, 1989, p.377)

This practice-led research project is concerned with typographical poetics and the eroding forces of time, materiality and the elements. Using the abandoned Patea Freezing Works in Taranaki as a site of consideration, it explores how an interface between what is written, what is thought, and what is lost, might operate as a form of typographic film poetry.

In so doing, the thesis creatively explores the poetics of palimpsest. Through layers of time, recollection, photography, film, sound and typographical thought, it asks ?What is the potential of spatio-temporal typography to speak for the evocative nature of vacated sites of labour?? Developed through a series of short, typographical poems, the project is concerned with subjective response. It questions the potentials of typography as a nuanced and temporal voice that might be employed to speak for the poetics of loss.

The evocative sign; Palimpsest; The Poem film; Typography as a signifier of labour and decay; Abandoned Buildings; Patea Freezing Works , The poetics of the ruin , Typography as the voice of time and economics , The Film Poem; Erosion; Signage , Typography as palimpsest
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