A Wearable Haptic Game Controller

Foottit, J
Brown, D
Marks, S
Connor, AM
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AIRCC Publishing Corporation

This paper outlines the development of a wearable game controller incorporating vibrotacticle haptic feedback that provides a low cost, versatile and intuitive interface for controlling digital games. The device differs from many traditional haptic feedback implementation in that it combines vibrotactile based haptic feedback with gesture based input, thus becoming a two way conduit between the user and the virtual environment. The device is intended to challenge what is considered an “interface” and draws on work in the area of Actor-Network theory to purposefully blur the boundary between man and machine. This allows for a more immersive experience, so rather than making the user feel like they are controlling an aircraft the intuitive interface allows the user to become the aircraft that is controlled by the movements of the user's hand. This device invites playful action and thrill. It bridges new territory on portable and low cost solutions for haptic controllers in a gaming context.

Wearable computing; Haptic devices; Vibrotactile feedback; Actor-network theory; Game controllers; Tangible interfaces
International Journal of Game Theory and Technology, vol.1(2), pp.1 - 19
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