Attitudes about gambling: a Durkheimian perspective

Mundy-McPherson, S
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Gambling and Addictions Research Centre, AUT University

Intending to inform thinking and discussion over the cultivation of gambling attitudes. Attitudes are: comprised of emotions and cognitions; formed through experience, and; can fashion behaviour. There are swift changes taking place in some forms of gambling – particularly those which can be accessed instantaneously regardless of space and time, and gambling attitudes may relate to behaviour regarding those activities. Stjepan Meštrović has incorporated attitudes into his Durkheimian analyses of social life concerning: some mental health care practices in India and U.S. state jurisdictions’ legislation; industry and professional conduct in contemporary western society, as well as; accused crimes in the 1990s Balkans wars, and of U.S military personnel who were stationed at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, as Mestrovic was an expert witness at trials of some personnel. Critically examining emotions, cognitions and their relationship to gambling attitudes and possible behaviours may reveal connections to the initiatives to both promote gambling consumption and harm minimisation in a changing environment, posing a formidable challenge for public health promoters.

International Gambling Conference (IGC 2016). Preventing harm in the shifting gambling environment: Challenges, Policies & Strategies. 10, 11, 12 February 2016. Sir Paul Reeves Building. Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Auckland, New Zealand (NZ)
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