Family memories of social hospitality dimensions while on holiday

Schänzel, HA
Lynch, PA
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This paper focuses on neglected social hospitality dimensions of food and accommodation on family holidays. Holidays signify concentrated periods of family time allowing for more shared food experiences but also necessitating more confined living spaces compared to home. A whole-family methodology was used as a critical and holistic approach to understanding the holiday experiences of 10 families. Positive and negative memories of hospitality encounters for different family members are illustrated through the emotive concepts of commensality and spatiality highlighting their embodied, visible and interactive aspects. Family meals take on symbolic and publicly celebrated characteristics whereas shared accommodation space is privately contested. The theoretical implications of the antithetical nature of family hospitality dimensions are further discussed and the family tourism research agenda further developed.

Accommodation space; Children; Commensality; Embodiment; Family holiday experiences; Social hospitality; Sociality; Spatiality; Whole-family methodology
Tourist Studies
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