A summary of physiological responses of high performance netball umpires during match play

Paget, N
Spencer, K
Kilding, A
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Journal Article
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Faculty of Education, University of Alicante

The following match-play data and fitness test results provide an insight into the physical demands of three levels of High Performance Netball umpiring. This information may assist in further understanding the demands of umpiring across the three different levels. Such data could be used to refine umpire specific training and goal setting for future High Performance Umpire Squad members. Match day observations took place over the 2012 Netball Season. All participating umpires wore a Catapult mini-max S4 GPS unit and a Polar Team2 HR monitor for the duration of each match observed. Data from these units were captured in real-time and analysed post-match. Each game was filmed, with one camera focussed per umpire for the duration of each match to capture every movement. Overall the match-play data show minimal difference between the squads with regards to the intensity that they maintain within a game. It also shows minimal fatigue for all three squads throughout the duration of a game.

Performance; Netball; Physiology
Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, vol.10 (Proc2.17)
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