The integration of information and communication technology into secondary technology teachers' pedagogy in New Zealand

Almadhour, Badr
Gerbic, Philippa
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Master of Education
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Auckland University of Technology

The worldwide integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into education has advanced significantly over the last two decades. ICT has changed the quality of education, and it is clear that students now expect ICT as part of their learning experience. Many current forms of information and communication technology may be effective teaching resources if used wisely and meaningfully. It is therefore important for educators to understand how to best use ICT in teaching and learning. Having ICT in the education environment does not automatically ensure that high quality effective teaching and learning take place. The teachers’ role is all-important here. To improve the use of ICT in the educational environment we need to understand teacher perspectives so that we can improve teachers’ ICT skills, and in many cases, change their perceptions about ICT. This research sought to address the following research question: what are teachers’ perceptions regarding integrating ICT with pedagogy in the technology classroom? The findings presented in this dissertation represent some New Zealand secondary technology teachers’ perspectives on integrating ICT. The findings show that teachers use various ICT tools to differing degrees, depending on their perspectives relative to ICT and their level of professional experience in ICT use. Teachers are integrating ICT in instructional processes and see the future as highly ICT-integrated. They use a variety of ICT tools, for example the Internet, digital cameras, video cameras and video players, computers, printers, scanners, data show, presentation, educational software, CAD and electronic boards. In order to integrate ICT meaningfully into classrooms teachers need both the commitment and the technological skills to do so. Teachers understand their need for PD and believe in undertaking such development, but they have a lack of time to achieve it.

Education , ICT
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