• 3-D knit transformations

      Smith, AE; Kalyanji, J; Fraser, G (School of Art and Design, Auckland University of Technology, 2014)
      Rapid advances in seamless knitting technology are opening up significant opportunities in the design, production and application of knitted textile preforms. Introduced in the mid 1990’s, seamless machinery enables shaped, ...
    • A case study of authentic learning underpinned by design thinking and industry collaboration

      Inder, S; Withell, A (DesignEd Asia Secretariat, 2013)
      This paper will present a case study of a year-two product design project that has been developed alongside the specific requirements of an industry collaborator and delivered within an innovative, research-led, Design ...
    • A diagram (Geology)(2011)

      Cullen, P
      A Diagram was an outdoor site-based sculptural work comprising a tower, a deck structure, a vertical ladder and support structure, benches and a field of rocks. The installation of spatially dispersed objects configured a ...
    • A Fale Samoa at Tropical Islands Resort, Germany: performing Samoa to the world

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Simati, BK (Centre for Samoan Studies (CSS), the National University of Samoa, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • A method to review and report literature in transdisciplinary research undertaken by individual researchers

      Gaziulusoy, I; Boyle, C (Delft University of Technology; The Hague University of Applied Sciences; TNO, 2010)
      Projects aiming to solve socially-relevant complex problems in general and sustainability related projects in particular are increasingly approached as transdisciplinary research projects. The distinguishing characteristics ...
    • A process of unlearning/unstitching

      Palmer; Engels-Schwarzpaul, T; Refiti, A; Melich, B; Tulloch, L; Jenner, R (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA), 2014)
      In Aotearoa, how do we position ourselves within an academy pervaded by Western philosophical thought? During the 1980’s Post-structuralist theory was the main stay in my education as an architect. Although we live in a ...
    • A Red Line/ An aesthetics of process

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr.; Jotti, D. (The Writers Group, 2001)
    • A scenario method for product development teams as an aid to plan for system innovation: a conceptual framework and a workshop outline

      Gaziulusoy, I; Boyle, C; McDowall, R (Centre for Sustainable Design, University of Surrey, 2009)
      This paper presents a conceptual framework and a workshop design for a scenario method to help product development teams of companies in planning for system innovation for sustainability. The conceptual framework for the ...
    • Access/Arrival: welcoming difference

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A.-Chr. (RMIT, 2012)
      No abstract.
    • Accident + emergency: risky intervals in the design studio

      Douglas, C (WelTec, Victoria University and Massey University [on behalf of Interior Design / Interior Architecture Educators (IDEA)], 2007)
      This paper concerns the role of accidents and generative processes in design. It discusses two studio projects carried out at the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning in 2006. ‘Accident’ called for ...
    • Active Tense: ‘writing’ through design practice

      Thomassen, A; Preston, J (Faculty of Design, Swinburne University of Technology, 2009)
      “Active tense” stems from a collaborative research project “designing, writing”, which aims to disseminate current knowledge and best practice on the relationships between designing and writing and their mutual interest ...
    • Adaptive Digital Capability Development: Professional Learning for Educators Across Disciplines

      Peterson, J; Lockhart, C; Raffaele, C (Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2019)
      In a cross-university project, a mixed methods approach was adopted to design a learning model for digital work practices in line with evolving industry needs. Drawing upon industry input (n=50), developmental learning and ...
    • Advertising, Public Relations and Social Marketing: shaping behaviour towards sustainable consumption

      Muratovski, G (Routledge, 2013)
      As the world struggles to sustain mass consumption as a lifestyle of choice, the need for sustainable behaviour becomes increasingly evident. Even though there are already a number of technical and legislative solutions ...
    • Afternoon House II: Radical/Conservative

      Douglas, C (Auckland, NZ: AGM Publishing, 2009)
      The Afternoon House series is an ongoing research project leveraging belated or obsolete architectural techniques and ideas to explore the way that architecture makes world-order perceptible. It is a revision of Palladio's ...
    • Against Recycling Nature

      Douglas, C (The Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, 2011)
      Timothy Morton claims ecology should not be seen as a topic or an area of study, but as an exploration of the consequences of interconnection. Being ecologically-minded is not just considering a subset of our actions that ...
    • Against recycling nature - Carl Douglas considers buildings beyond site

      Douglas, C (Cheshire Architects for The Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, 2011)
      ‘Ecology’ sounds like something to do with science and solar panels, animal liberationists and atmospheric chemists. But Timothy Morton, author of Ecology without Nature (2007) and The Ecological Thought (2010) claims ...
    • Amelia Jones Roundtable: live art, durationality, and the meaning of encounter

      O'Connor, MTS; O'Connor, MTS; O'Connor, M (AUT University, 2010)
      The Aestheticisation of the Everyday in the in-between of being and becoming art. The meaning of encounter is at the level of the everyday in relation to a reframing of being attentive in relation to duration (of the ...
    • An immense clip: film, philosophy and the proximate violence of becoming

      O'Connor, MT (AUT University, 2011)
      Three conditions of becoming-image weave their way through this analysis in a consideration of violence as an ethical imperative with respect to the experimental sensate cinema of French filmmaker Philippe Grandrieux, in ...
    • An opening of Tanwir

      Patel, R (Enigma, 2011)
      Experiments with political liberation and democratisation took place during the 1980s in the Middle East. However, the movement towards significant democratic change was not completed and authoritarian rule continued ...