• Latecomers

      Douglas, C (Enigma, 2007)
      Authorship and authority, originality and influence are genealogical concerns, arising in the relationship between a maker and his or her precursors. Influence is traditionally understood as the extent to which one’s work ...
    • Light mannered men: a historical overview of male prostitution in New Zealand

      Ings, Welby (AUT University, 2008)
      Based on interviews and oral history recordings of 50 men whose employment in the trade, or use of male sex workers has spanned 85 years. This presentation briefly profiles extraordinarily shifts in a language form that ...
    • Livros Com Capa Dura

      Hajian, G
      “... Um bom relatório arqueológico não só nos informa sobre os estratos de origem dos achados, mas também dá conta dos estratos que primeiro tiveram que ser quebrados.” (Benjamin, 2005).Trabalho com materiais analógicos ...
    • Logical Coding & Emotional Poetry: An Exploration of Poetic Expression in the Digital

      Loh, C; Steagall, MM; Tavares, T (School of Art and Design, AUT, 2021)
      This practice-oriented design research investigates opportunities for meaningful poetic expression within a digital medium. It aims to create born-digital poems that tightly tie content to its form, prioritising the ...
    • Loli-pop in Auckland: engaging Asian communities and audiences through the museum

      Chuang, BKY; Hardy Bernal, KA (Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa New Zealand, 2008)
      This paper discusses how museums and galleries might positively engage with Asian audiences and bring Asian communities into the museum environment. Museums are cultural institutions that should reflect, preserve, interpret ...
    • Machine/ Flow/ Territory

      Jackson, ML (Deleuze Studies Journal, 2013)
      In his lecture of 14th March 1979, within the series, The Birth of the Biopolitical, Michel Foucault discusses in some depth the American form of neo-liberalism, contrasting it with the development of neo-liberalism in ...
    • Making things happen: experiments in prototyping from a hospital design lab

      Bill, A; Collier, G; Reay, S (Cumulus Association. Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, 2015)
      In this paper we focus on design experimentation and prototyping within a hospital design lab. We describe how things designed within this environment act as socio-technical entities that support the work of the hospital. ...
    • Managing heuristics as a method of inquiry in autobiographical graphic design theses

      Ings, Welby (NSEAD/Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 12 J)
      This article draws on case studies undertaken in postgraduate research at AUT University, Auckland. It seeks to address a number of issues related to heuristic inquiries employed by graphic design students who use ...
    • Marx after Heidegger

      Jackson, ML (RMIT University, School of Art, 2013)
      In the ten years between the publication of The Savage Anomaly (1981/1991b) and Insurgencies (1992/1999), the Italian political philosopher Antonio Negri substantially defined a contemporary theory of power and the State ...
    • Max White

      White, M (The University of Auckland Fine Arts Library, 2011)
      This publication grew out of the exhibition "components of a special collection: a collaboration with the University of Auckland Fine Arts Library" at projectspace B431 from March 31 to April 09, 2011. The exhibition was ...
    • Más allá de la Torre de Marfil: Investigación dirigida por la práctica e investigación posdisciplinaria

      Ings, W
      Esta dirección considera las relaciones entre las prácticas profesionales y posdisciplinarias en lo que respecta a la investigación de diseño dirigida por la práctica. Cuando se ven a través de lentes territoriales, los ...
    • Mio Frame: commissioned modular system

      Young, E; Richards, E; Boardman, P (Young and Richards, 2009)
      Mio Frame - Commissioned Practice based research project into demountable modular steel framed structural system with case study boutique demountable commercial office building, 2009.
    • A Mobile Ecology of Resources for Covid-19 Learning

      Sinfield, D; Narayan, V; Cochrane, T; Cowie, N; Hinze, M; Birt, J; Deneen, C; Goldacre, P; Ransom, L; Worthington, T (ASCILITE, 2020)
      Educators around the world have had to switch to emergency remote teaching in a matter of days, for some it happened overnight (Bozkurt et al, 2020). While students have always met the educators in their space that is ...
    • Moodle Me: an ePortfolio community of learning for the graphic design student

      Sinfield, D (Europortfolio, 2014)
      Graphic Design is a discipline that is undergoing major changes in its associated technologies; while underlying design principles may remain fundamentally intact, new digital technologies and publishing mediums provide ...
    • Multimodal books in a tertiary context: bridging the gap between traditional book arts and new technologies

      Kaiser, LJ (Common Ground, 2015)
      Our relationship to books is mutating dramatically, not just for readers and writers, but also for those who design and create books. This research explores how multimodal books might be used to integrate old and new ...
    • Navigating Artistic Inquiry in a Creativeproduction Thesis: the Narrative and Illustrative Potentials of Realismo Maravilhoso

      Ings, W; Tavares, T (School of Exact Sciences, Architecture, and Design, Anhembi Morumbi University, 2018)
      This article considers the concept of artistic research as an approach to knowledge generation and understanding. It begins with a brief consideration of the historical development of artistic inquiry and its relationship ...
    • Neither light nor language

      Jackson, ML (TaPRA Theatre, Performance and Philosophy Group, 2014)
      This paper takes the context of responding to the film, Dark Light (2014) by Maria O’Connor, as a provocation to engage with aspects of the work of Jacques Derrida on the animal and the human. Dark Light develops as an ...
    • New Zealand’s design policy: diagnosis, prognosis and strategic management

      Yap, BL (Innovation and Design Management Association., 2011)
      The proliferation of design initiatives or policies, as means to drive innovation and competitive advantage, have been encouraged by scholarly studies that show positive causal links between design capability and national ...
    • Ngatu: A Methodological Framework for Artistic Practice

      Faumuina, C (Revista GEMInIS, 2022)
      This article discusses an indigenous methodological framework employed in the development of my doctoral study, ‘Asi – The Presence of the Unseen. Considering the Tongan concept of ‘asi (the unseen spirit that energises ...
    • Off the grid. Left out and over.

      Douglas, C (Punctum books, 2013)
      No abstract.