• Barricades and boulevards: material transformations of Paris, 1795-1871

      Douglas, C (Enigma, 2008)
      Large-scale urban violence is a tumultuous, messy, and distressing affair. The materials and patterns of everyday life are disrupted. Amongst death and disarray, however, it would be easy to overlook some of the important ...
    • Before anticipation

      Jackson, ML (RMIT University, 2012)
      The possibility of any recognition of 'access' as such would be constituted in the future anterior, what I would retrospectively encounter, or encounter again, as that which marks or constitutes a threshold or opening. The ...
    • Behind the Hyperreality Experience: The 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

      Ho, King Tong (New Zealand Asian Studies Society, 2011)
      Some observers, such as Brooks (2008, August 12) in Harmony and the Dream, have considered collectivism as the key contribution to the aesthetics of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Against such views, this ...
    • Behind the hyperreality experience: the 2008 Beijing olympics opening ceremony

      Ho, KT (New Zealand Asian Studies Society, 2011)
      Some observers, such as Brooks (2008, August 12) in Harmony and the Dream, have considered collectivism as the key contribution to the aesthetics of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Against such views, this ...
    • Between time: given futures across Derrida and Deleuze

      O'Connor, M (AUT University, 2009)
      It is not common to find significance across the thought of Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze although there have been moments where some have sought to locate such lines of flight. One such line has been located in the ...
    • Beyond the classroom: an investigation into eLearning to create a blended eLearning environment

      Sinfield, D (The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, 2014)
      This research project looked at the possibilities of engaging students and teachers in out-of-class communicating to enhance the learning and teaching environment and to involve graphic design staff working as a team to ...
    • Blue Latitude (urban design proposal)

      Young, E (Young and Richards, 2008)
      No abstract
    • Border Crossings: Introduction

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A-C (Addleton Academic Publishers, New York, 2016)
      Students at Western universities were traditionally “disproportionately male, from high-status social-economic backgrounds, members of majority ethnic and/or racial groups, and without disability” (Taylor & Beasley, 2005, ...
    • The Boundaries of Education: Using Mobile Devices for Connecting People to Places

      Sinfield, D (Co-Action Publishing, 2018)
      This discussion paper explores pedagogy beyond the boundaries of tertiary institutional classrooms through a socio-cultural lens that examines the history of a small-town community. In doing so this paper discusses the ...
    • Boy

      Ings, Welby (Room8, 2004)
      Boy is Welby Ings' short film about a young male prostitute in a small New Zealand town who discovers the truth behind a fatal hit and run accident. When news of the death spreads through the district, the family of the ...
    • Canopy of the upturned eye: writing on Derrida’s Crypt

      O'Connor, MTS (Mosaic, 2010)
      The evocation of a spatial sheltering in this title hints at a covering over death. Indeed, a canopy is productive of fertile vegetation for a continued nurturing of living after death. However, this paper aims at a threshold ...
    • Canopy: proposal for Wynyard wharf. Auckland architecture week 09 invited design charette

      Young, E; Douglas, C; Richards, H; Xu, C; Fisher, CPRW (AUT University, 2009)
      As part of Auckland Architecture Week 09, a one-day invited design charette was held in a public venue in the Britomart Quarter. The charette was intended to show people what architects do, and to generate concepts for the ...
    • Character acting: a case for better animation reference

      Kennedy, J (Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ), 2013)
      Animators are often expected to film their own acting reference. However, most animators are not trained actors, and as a result, their performances lack depth when dealing with emotionally-rich subject matter. The result ...
    • Climbing the high road: strategic design and management of New Zealand's human capital and economic transformation

      Yap, L (The Institute of Industrial Policy Studies, Design Management Institute, Design and Brand Management Society., 2006)
      ‘Ui mai koe ki ahau he aha te mea nui o te ao, Maku e ki atu he tangata, he tangata he tangata’* ‘Ask me what is the greatest thing in the world, I will reply: It is people, it is people, it is people!’ The strategic ...
    • Closing remarks: on Deleuze and Heidegger, via Foucault

      Jackson, ML (The University of Auckland, 2012)
      These closing remarks aim to draw on and draw out the theme for this symposium: intuition & expression. While we are familiar with Deleuze’s engagements with philosophical traditions that have developed these notions, we ...
    • Collaborative registers of interactive art

      Joseph, F (ISEA International, the Australian Network for Art & Technology and the University of Sydney, 2013)
      Research into collaborative modes of technology development is often discussed in terms of communication and co-ordination. The process of collaboration in interactive art projects warrants consideration beyond the management ...
    • Collectivity

      Douglas, C (School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland, 2006)
      A reading of a text by John Donne provides the grounds for a consideration of several senses of the word 'matter': physical matter (something is matter); significance or importance (something matters); and a state of affairs ...
    • Communication design and community: pedagogy and empowerment

      Young, A (European Academy of Design, 2013)
      This paper will discuss two social action initiatives that were undertaken as part of communication design courses offered in Australia and New Zealand. Each initiative involved student designers collaborating with a ...
    • Components of a special collection: a collaboration with the university of auckland fine arts library

      White, M (University of Auckland, 2011)
      The exhibition was initiated with a survey of the entire collection of artists books in the university of auckland fine arts library. Through this process various approaches, or components, to the practice of book making ...
    • Conflict, speech, and truth within the urban space of Tahrir Square

      Patel, R (Urban Transcripts, 2017)
      No abstract.