• Interior Decoration to Exterior Surface: the Beleaguered Relief

      Hedges, S (Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia, 2019)
      Surface articulation is a critical issue for interior architecture, and this paper sees the wall as a point of intersection where art and structure may converge and collide. A place of experimentation and a site of ...
    • Ko Wai Ko Au Ko Au Ko Wai – I Am Water, Water Is Me

      Tavares, T (LIBRUM Publishers & Editors LLC, 2019)
      Kaupapa Moana, Kaupapa Wai Maori, Kaupapa Awa Ocean, fresh water and rivers Water is both life-giving and life-destroying. Today, the purity of all water sources are threatened or impacted upon by a range of factors. Both ...
    • Crafts and Design Cultures – Banasthali, India

      Tavares, T; Falk, A (LIBRUM Publishers & Editors LLC, 2019)
      No abstract.
    • Talking Backwards in a Land without Shadows

      Jowsey, S (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, 2018)
      In 1837 I arrived here, inside the belly of a dream. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge , had not yet charted its likeness. I am speaking backwards here, where ‘...the body separates itself from thought, … ...
    • The Boundaries of Education: Using Mobile Devices for Connecting People to Places

      Sinfield, D (Co-Action Publishing, 2018)
      This discussion paper explores pedagogy beyond the boundaries of tertiary institutional classrooms through a socio-cultural lens that examines the history of a small-town community. In doing so this paper discusses the ...
    • Practice-led Doctoral Research and the Nature of Immersive Methods

      Mortensen Steagall, M; Ings, W (Anhembi Morumbi University, 2018)
      Practice-led research enables art and design practitioners approaches to discovering, applying and communicating original knowledge that have direct implications for their practice. Since the 1980s, internationally, the ...
    • Navigating Artistic Inquiry in a Creativeproduction Thesis: the Narrative and Illustrative Potentials of Realismo Maravilhoso

      Ings, W; Tavares, T (School of Exact Sciences, Architecture, and Design, Anhembi Morumbi University, 2018)
      This article considers the concept of artistic research as an approach to knowledge generation and understanding. It begins with a brief consideration of the historical development of artistic inquiry and its relationship ...
    • Autonomía, the Vā, Tino Rangatiratanga and the Design of Space

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, AC; Refiti, AL (da Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos - Unisinos, 2018)
      No abstract.
    • Use of Interactive Video for Teaching and Learning

      Gedera, D; Zalipour, A (ASCILITE 2018 Deakin University, 2018)
      This paper focuses on the findings of Phases I and II of an institution-wide project on the effective use of interactive video for teaching and learning in a university in New Zealand. Responding to the emerging growth of ...
    • Introduction to Access Special Issue: Modern Learning Environments

      Jackson, M; Benade, L (Taylor and Francis, 2017)
      No abstract.
    • Conflict, speech, and truth within the urban space of Tahrir Square

      Patel, R (Urban Transcripts, 2017)
      No abstract.
    • Traveling Houses: Performing Diasporic Relationships in Europe

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A-CT (University of Hawaii Press, 2017)
      The paper explores the mutual impact of Pacific houses and people in diasporic relationships. Tracing the fates of several whare and fale now located in Europe, it explores changes over time that resulted from different ...
    • Engaging the Invisible

      Jowsey, S; Williams, M (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017)
      O-Tū-Kapua [what clouds see] is a Mixed Reality art-science project designed to stimulate young learners engagement with scientific concepts. Through complex, multidimensional narratives, this collaborative project has ...
    • Shadowy Figures and Strange Interiors: The Optician’s Waiting Room

      Hedges, S (UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy, 2016)
      The waiting room can be imagined as a frequently visited place, a place to loiter, sit or perhaps stand, walk and converse. A transitional point before entering or moving to another in which no actual movements of the ...
    • Impossible Choreographies: The Database as Creative Tool

      Bennett, G (ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts), 2016)
      This artist talk is a reflection on my own art practice as a direct engagement with high-end industrial 3D animation software, and discusses the emergence of the database as a creative methodology, and a key organizing ...
    • The Information Designer Through the Lens of Design for Learning

      Potter, E (Design Research Society (DRS) 2016, 2016)
      All effective information design helps people to access, understand, and use information, but not all information design is intended to help people learn. This paper examines instructional design—the activity ...
    • Travelling Houses: Translation, Change and Ambivalence

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A-C (Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO), 2016)
      No abstract.
    • Border Crossings: Introduction

      Engels-Schwarzpaul, A-C (Addleton Academic Publishers, New York, 2016)
      Students at Western universities were traditionally “disproportionately male, from high-status social-economic backgrounds, members of majority ethnic and/or racial groups, and without disability” (Taylor & Beasley, 2005, ...
    • Introduction: the city without qualities

      Hopewell, Hannah; Douglas, Andrew (Interstices/Enigma: He Aupiki, 2015)
      The introduction outlines the salient themes and considerations for the journal issue titled The Urban Thing. In it various considerations of thing theory are outlined and related to urban conditions as they emerge ...
    • Plan/Ditch: Topographic Inscription in an Early Colonial Capital

      Douglas, A (Interstices/Enigma: He Aupiki, 2015)
      Building on a distinction made by Anne Querrien in “The Metropolis and the Capital” (1986) between “two different ethical principles” and “two different modes of human distribution” associated with urban place, this paper ...