Exploring employee participation and work environment in hotels: case studies from Denmark and New Zealand

Markey, R
Harris, C
Knudsen, H
Lind, J
Williamson, D
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Journal Article
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We explore the relative impact of direct and representative forms of participation on quality of the work environment, based on multi-method case studies of two hotels each in New Zealand and Denmark. The degree of direct participation is higher at the New Zealand hotels, yet, workload and stress is higher than in the Danish ones. This confirms literature that questions whether participation is always beneficial to the work environment. On the other hand, representative forms of participation appear to offer greater opportunities for a better quality of work environment (QWE) since Danish employees in this study enjoy greater influence through collective bargaining and cooperation committees, and experience less workload stress than the New Zealanders.

Quality of work environment , Employee participation , HRM in hotels , Direct participation , Representative participation
New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations, vol.39(1), pp.2 - 20 (19)
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