Voicing the tensions of implementing research strategies: Implications for organizational leaders

Billot, J
Codling, A
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When higher education institutions seek to align their research goals with nationally driven imperatives, various members of the institutional community need to work in concert to achieve them. The identification of effective strategies and the development of a contextually appropriate research culture are fundamental elements to progressing institutional objectives and achieving planned performance outcomes. Because all parties frequently have differing motivations, there are obvious challenges for organizational leadership. This article examines some of the issues facing academic leaders in the changing research environment within New Zealand and links them to a research study of efforts made in two differing tertiary institutions to enhance research productivity. Data indicate that there is great complexity in integrating organizational purpose with academic staff aspirations and endeavours. Of necessity, strategy and initiatives need to be situated contextually and leadership becomes a crucial mechanism for dovetailing the institutional agenda with individual enterprise.

Higher education research , Research culture , Research leadership
Management in Education, vol.27(2), pp.75 - 80
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