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    • Data guided approach to generate multi-dimensional schema for targeted knowledge discovery

      Pears, RL; Usman, M; Fong, A; Usman, M; Pears, RL; Fong, A (Australian Computer Society (ACS), 2012)
      Data mining and data warehousing are two key technologies which have made significant contributions to the field of knowledge discovery in a variety of domains. More recently, the integrated use of traditional data mining ...
    • Discovering diverse association rules from multidimensional schema

      Usman, M; Pears R; Fong, A (Elsevier, 2013)
      The integration of data mining techniques with data warehousing is gaining popularity due to the fact that both disciplines complement each other in extracting knowledge from large datasets. However, the majority of ...
    • Precise guidance to dynamic test generation

      Pears, RL; Fong, A; Do, T; Do, T; Fong, A; Pears, RL (DBLP, 2012)
      Dynamic symbolic execution has been shown an effective technique for automated test input generation. However, its scalability is limited due to the combinatorial explosion of the path space. We propose to take advantage ...