Petrova, K (CITRENZ, 2008)
      No abstract
    • Baire spaces and the Wijsman topology

      Cao, J; Tomita, A (AUT University, 2007)
      In 1960s, when he studied Banach space geometry, R. Wijsman considered the weak topology on the collection of nonempty closed subsets of a metric space generated by the distance functionals viewed as functions of set ...
    • Baire spaces and Vietoris hyperspaces

      Cao, J; Garcia Ferreira, S; Gutev, V (The American Mathematical Society, 2007)
      We prove that if the Vietoris hyperspace CL(X) of all nonempty closed subsets of a space X is Baire, then all finite powers of X must be Baire spaces. In particular, there exists a metrizable Baire space whose Vietoris ...
    • Baire spaces, Tychonoff powers and the Vietoris topology

      Cao, J; Tomita, AH (American Mathematical Society, 2007)
      In this paper, we show that if the Tychonoff power Xω of a quasiregular space X is Baire, then its Vietoris hyperspace 2X is also Baire. We also provide two examples to show (i) the converse of this result does not hold in ...
    • Bayesian fitting procedures for hydrological point processes.

      Parry, K (2014)
      Model fitting and selection typically requires the use of likelihoods. Applying standard methods to hydrological point processes, however, is problematic as their likelihoods are often analytically intractable and the data ...
    • Bayesian threshold selection for extremal models using measures of surprise

      Lee, J; Fan, Y; Sisson, S (Cornell University Library, 2013)
      Statistical extreme value theory is concerned with the use of asymptotically motivated models to describe the extreme values of a process. A number of commonly used models are valid for observed data that exceed some high ...
    • BeeAE: Effective Aspect Term Extraction With Artificial Bee Colony

      Shi, J; Li, W; Bai, Q; Ito, T
      Aspect terms are opinion targets for people to express and understand opinions in reviews. Aspect terms extraction is an essential subtask in aspect-level sentiment analysis. To extract aspect terms from a sentence, existing ...
    • Bending waves in composite structures with random parameters

      Chung, H (Institut für Mathematik, Universität Augsburg, 2012)
      Modelling the vibration of composite structures requires including the effects of uncertain material properties of individual components at mid-frequency. A example here is a double-leaf elastic plate, which is often used ...
    • The Benefits of Open Government Data Use: A Crosscountry Comparison

      Mokobombang, N; Gutierrez, J; Petrova, K (Association for Information Systems (AIS), 2019)
      Data produced by government have enormous importance; in addition to providing the information needed to run governance tasks related to internal processes, they can be used to create new sources of value by combining ...
    • Best practices and future trends in CSE education

      Sarkar, NI (IEEE Xplore, 2012)
      The developments and innovations in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) fields as well as people’s lifestyle are forcing educators to update CSE curriculum to suit the needs of our students and their learning styles. ...
    • Best procurement selection: development of a conceptual model based on transaction costs

      Rajeh, M; Tookey, J; Rotimi, J.O.B. (Australasian Universities Building Education Association (AUBEA), 2013)
      Procurement is a major improvement area and a crucial element contributing to project success and the selection of optimal procurement system is an important and difficult step in project execution. The criteria for choosing ...
    • Bibliometric Mapping of Intensive Care Nurses' Wellbeing: Development and Application of the New iAnalysis Model

      Jarden, RJ; Narayanan, A; Sandham, M; Siegert, RJ; Koziol-Mclain, J (BioMed Central Ltd, 2019)
      Background: Intensive care nurse wellbeing is essential to a healthy healthcare workforce. Enhanced wellbeing has widespread benefits for workers. Bibliometrics enables quantitative analysis of bourgeoning online data. ...
    • Big Data Analytics and Processing Platform in Czech Republic Healthcare

      Štufi, M; Bačić, B; Stoimenov, L (MDPI, 2020)
      Big data analytics (BDA) in healthcare has made a positive difference in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancements of analytical capabilities, while lowering the costs of medical care. The aim of this ...
    • Big Data Offloading using Smart Public Vehicles with Software Defined Connectivity

      Munjal, R; Liu, W; Li, XJ; Gutierrez, J (IEEE, 2019)
      With the explosive increase in the number of mobile devices such as smartphones or laptops, the design of mobile applications becomes increasingly complex, power hungry and resource consuming. Therefore, conventional ...
    • Bioelectronics and medical diagnostics

      Gholamhosseini, H (OMICS Publishing Group, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • Bioengineering silicon quantum dot theranostics using a network analysis of metabolomic and proteomic data in cardiac ischemia

      Erogbogbo, F; May, J; Swihart, M; Prasad, P; Smart, K; Jack, S; Korcyk, D; Webster, M; Stewart, R; Zeng, I; Jullig, M; Bakeev, K; Jamieson, M; Kasabov, N; Gopalan, B; Liang, L; Hu, R; Schliebs, S; Villas-Boas, S; Gladding, P (Ivyspring International Publisher, 2013)
      Metabolomic profiling is ideally suited for the analysis of cardiac metabolism in healthy and diseased states. Here, we show that systematic discovery of biomarkers of ischemic preconditioning using metabolomics can be ...
    • Biomechanics of a Novel Extra-articular Implant for Younger Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

      Saeidi, M; Ramezani, M; Kelly, P; Hussin, MS; Neitzert, T (De Gruyter Open, 2018)
      This research aimed to study the efficacy of a novel implant for osteoarthritic knees. This implant is designed to eliminate excessive loads through the knee and to provide suitable conditions for possible tibiofemoral ...
    • Biometric security systems: finally, a friend?

      Petrova, K (IEEE, 2002)
      Information systems security has broadened its meaning and significance and has started to affect our lives and behaviours. The research literature identifies five related research domains: information systems, security ...
    • Biotronic engineering curriculum design: integrating electronic engineering and applied/health sciences

      GholamHosseini, H; Prasad, K (IEEE, 2013)
      A specialised major in Biotronic Engineering that meets the needs of health care industry was offered at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). The Biotronic Engineering major focuses on integrating electronic and computer ...
    • Blind source separation for adaptive speech control

      Moir, T; Alam, F; Harris, J (AUT University, 2011)
      Crosstalk resistant adaptive noise cancellation (CTRANC) is a method of separat-ing convolutively mixed sources where little a priori information is known about the system. Possible areas of application for such an algorithm ...