• A Validated Simulation of Wind Flow Around a Parabolic Dish

      Uzair, M; Anderson, T; Nates, R; Jouin, E (Australian PV Institute (APVI), 2015)
      The thermal performance of solar parabolic dish systems is greatly influenced by the wind around the system. To achieve higher operating temperatures, larger dish structures are used to increase the concentration ratio, ...
    • Validating the extended technology acceptance model: perceived playfulness in the context of information-searching websites

      Tan, F. B.; Chung, J. (AIS, 2005)
      Prior research that has used the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to predict Internet usage has focused on perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness of websites. More recently, in an extension of TAM to include an ...
    • Validation of the Chinese Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index (C-MFPDI) Among Patients With Inflammatory Arthritis

      Xing Ying Erh, B; He, H; Carter, K; Cheung, P; Tan, D; Wang, W; Rome, K (BioMed Central, 2019)
      Background: The Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index (MFPDI) is a patient-reported outcome tool used to measure foot pain and foot-related disability. The English version of the MFPDI has been successfully translated ...
    • Validation of the Chinese Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index (C-MFPDI) Among Patients With Inflammatory Arthritis

      Erh, BXY; He, HG; Carter, KF; Cheung, P; Tan, DS; Wang, W; Rome, K (BioMed Central, 2019)
      Background The Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index (MFPDI) is a patient-reported outcome tool used to measure foot pain and foot-related disability. The English version of the MFPDI has been successfully translated ...
    • Validation of the WhOQOL-BREF Quality of Life Questionnaire for Use With Medical Students

      Krägeloh, CU; Henning, M; Hawken, SJ; Zhao, Y; Shepherd, D; Billington, R (Taylor & Francis, 2011)
      Purpose: The purpose of the present study was to validate the use of the abbreviated version of the World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL-BREF) questionnaire with medical students. Methods: A sample of 274 ...
    • Validity of the Impact on Participation and Autonomy Questionnaire: A Comparison Between Two Countries

      Kersten, P; Cardol, M; George, S; Ward, C; Sibley, A; White, B (Informa Healthcare Ltd, 2007)
      Purpose. To evaluate the cross-cultural validity of the five subscales of the Impact on Participation and Autonomy (IPA) measure and the full 31-item scale. Method. Data from two validation studies (Dutch and English) ...
    • Value and prospect of digital photography

      Ho, KT; Wang,; Zhong, (Art Gallery Magazine Publishing House, 2010)
      Thanks to the development of technology, information and digital techniques have been spread all corners of the world. And artists now gain a new way to manipulate their art works: digital technology. The technique instills ...
    • The Value of Care: Understanding the Impact of the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement on the Residential Aged Care, Home and Community Care and Disability Support Sectors

      Douglas, J; Ravenswood, K (New Zealand Work Research Institute, Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
    • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in a manufacture-to-order small and medium enterprise

      Stamm, M; Neitzert, T (JOMSA, 2008)
      This paper discusses the Lean methodology of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in a manufacture-to order (MTO) environment. Within a case study of a mold making company the method is applied and improved. The purpose of VSM is ...
    • Value-creating Roles Played by the Actors in Open Government Data: A Systematic Literature Review

      Mokobombang, N; Gutierrez, J; Petrova, K (ACIS, 2020)
      Government-held data are immensely valuable; as well as providing the information required to carry out tasks related to internal governance procedures, additional value may be generated by publishing and making accessible ...
    • Values Exchange: Using Online Technology to Raise Awareness of Values and Ethics in Radiography Education

      Mc Inerney, J; Lees, A (John Wiley & Sons, 2018)
      Introduction: Ethics and values are increasingly significant aspects of patientcentred healthcare. While it is widely agreed that ethics and values are essential for healthcare delivery, there is also an acknowledgement ...
    • Valuing computer science education research?

      Clear, Tony (ACM, 2006)
      This paper critically enquires into the value systems which rule the activities of teaching and research. This critique is intended to demonstrate the application of critical enquiry in Computer Science Education Research ...
    • Valuing evaluation: methodologies to bridge research and practice

      Kaskenpalo, P; MacDonell, SG (ACM Press, 2012)
      The potential disconnect between research and practice in software engineering (SE) means that the uptake of research outcomes has at times been limited. In this paper we seek to identify research approaches that are ...
    • Vampires in the city: mergence, mystique, and ‘The New Orleans Thing’

      Piatti-Farnell, L (Locating the Gothic conference, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • Variability of serum markers of erythropoiesis during 6 days of racing in highly trained cyclists

      Voss, SC; Alsayrafi, M; Bourdon, PC; Klodt, F; Nonis, D; Hopkins, WG; Schumacher, YO (2013)
      The athlete biological passport for the fight against doping is currently based on longitudinal monitoring for abnormal changes in cellular blood parameters. Serum parameters related to altered erythropoiesis could be ...
    • Variability of Total Step Activity in Children With Cerebral Palsy: Influence of Definition of a Day on Participant Retention Within the Study

      Wilson, NC; Mudge, S; Stott, NS (BioMed Central Ltd., 2016)
      Background: Activity monitoring is important to establish accurate daily physical activity levels in children with cerebral palsy (CP). However, few studies address issues around inclusion or exclusion of step count data; ...
    • Variation in Gastric pH May Determine Kiwifruit's Effect on Functional Gi Disorder: An in Vitro Study

      Donaldson, B; Rush, E; Young, O; Winger, R (MDPI AG, 2014)
      Consumption of kiwifruit is reported to relieve symptoms of functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder. The effect may be related to the proteases in kiwifruit. This in vitro study aimed to measure protein hydrolysis due ...
    • Variation in Structure and Process of Care in Traumatic Brain Injury: Provider Profiles of European Neurotrauma Centers Participating in the CENTER-TBI Study

      Cnossen, MC; Polinder, S; Lingsma, HF; Maas, AIR; Menon, D; Steyerberg, EW; Adams, H; Alessandro, M; Allanson, J; Amrein, K; Andaluz, N; Andelic, N; Andrea, N; Andreassen, L; Anke, A; Antoni, A; Ardon, H; Audibert, G; Auslands, K; Azouvi, P; Baciu, C; Bacon, A; Badenes, R; Baglin, T; Bartels, R; Barzó, P; Bauerfeind, U; Beer, R; Belda, FJ; Bellander, B-M; Belli, A; Bellier, R; Benali, H; Benard, T; Berardino, M; Beretta, L; Beynon, C; Bilotta, F; Binder, H; Biqiri, E; Blaabjerg, M; Borgen, LS; Bouzat, P; Bragge, P; Brazinova, A; Brehar, F; Brorsson, C; Buki, A; Bullinger, M; Bučková, V; Calappi, E; Cameron, P; Carbayo, LG; Carise, E; Carpenter, C; Castaño-León, AM; Causin, F; Chevallard, G; Chieregato, A; Citerio, G; Coburn, MC; Coles, J; Cooper, JD; Correia, M; Covic, A; Curry, N; Czeiter, E; Czosnyka, M; Dahyot-Fizelier, C; Damas, F; Damas, P; Dawes, H; De Keyser, V; Della Corte, F; Depreitere, B; Ding, S; Dippel, D; Dizdarevic, K; Dulière, G-L; Dzeko, A; Eapen, G; Engemann, H; Ercole, A; Esser, P; Ezer, E; Fabricius, M; Feigin, VL; Feng, J; Foks, K; Fossi, F; Francony, G; Frantzén, J; Freo, U; Frisvold, S; Furmanov, A; Gagliardo, P; Galanaud, D; Gao, G; Geleijns, K; Ghuysen, A; Giraud, B; Glocker, B; Gomez, PA; Grossi, F; Gruen, RL; Gupta, D; Haagsma, JA; Hadzic, E; Haitsma, I; Hartings, JA; Helbok, R; Helseth, E; Hertle, D; Hill, S; Hoedemaekers, A; Hoefer, S; Hutchinson, PJ; Håberg, AK; Jacobs, B; Janciak, I; Janssens, K; Jiang, J; Jones, K; Kalala, J-P; Kamnitsas, K; Karan, M; Karau, J; Katila, A; Kaukonen, M; Keeling, D; Kerforne, T; Ketharanathan, N; Kettunen, J; Kivisaari, R; Kolias, AG; Kolumbán, B; Kompanje, E; Kondziella, D; Koskinen, L-O; Kovács, N; Kálovits, F; Lagares, A; Lanyon, L; Laureys, S; Lauritzen, M; Lecky, F; Ledig, C; Lefering, R; Legrand, V; Lei, J; Levi, L; Lightfoot, R; Lingsma, H; Loeckx, D; Lozano, A; Luddington, R; Luijten-Arts, C; Maas, AIR; MacDonald, S; MacFayden, C; Maegele, M; Majdan, M; Major, S; Manara, A; Manhes, P; Manley, G; Martin, D; Martino, C; Maruenda, A; Maréchal, H; Mastelova, D; Mattern, J; McMahon, C; Melegh, B; Menovsky, T; Morganti-Kossmann, C; Mulazzi, D; Mutschler, M; Mühlan, H; Negru, A; Nelson, D; Neugebauer, E; Newcombe, V; Noirhomme, Q; Nyirádi, J; Oddo, M; Oldenbeuving, A; Oresic, M; Ortolano, F; Palotie, A; Parizel, PM; Patruno, A; Payen, J-F; Perera, N; Perlbarg, V; Persona, P; Peul, W; Pichon, N; Piilgaard, H; Piippo, A; Pili, FS; Pirinen, M; Ples, H; Pomposo, I; Psota, M; Pullens, P; Puybasset, L; Ragauskas, A; Raj, R; Rambadagalla, M; Rehorčíková, V; Rhodes, J; Richardson, S; Ripatti, S; Rocka, S; Rodier, N; Roe, C; Roise, O; Roks, G; Romegoux, P; Rosand, J; Rosenfeld, J; Rosenlund, C; Rosenthal, G; Rossaint, R; Rossi, S; Rostalski, T; Rueckert, DL; Ruiz De Arcaute, F; Rusnák, M; Sacchi, M; Sahakian, B; Sahuquillo, J; Sakowitz, O; Sala, F; Sanchez-Pena, P; Sanchez-Porras, R; Sandor, J; Santos, E; Sasse, N; Sasu, L; Savo, D; Schipper, I; Schlößer, B; Schmidt, S; Schneider, A; Schoechl, H; Schoonman, G; Schou, RF; Schwendenwein, E; Schöll, M; Sir, O; Skandsen, T; Smakman, L; Smeets, D; Smielewski, P; Sorinola, A; Stamatakis, EL; Stanworth, S; Stegemann, K; Steinbüchel, N; Stevens, R; Stewart, W; Stocchetti, N; Sundström, N; Synnot, A; Szabó, J; Söderberg, J; Taccone, FS; Tamás, V; Tanskanen, P; Tascu, A; Taylor, MS; Te Ao, B; Tenovuo, O; Teodorani, G; Theadom, A; Thomas, M; Tibboel, D; Tolias, C; Tshibanda, J-FL; Tudora, CM; Vajkoczy, P; Valeinis, E; Van Hecke, W; Van Praag, D; Van Roost, D; Van Vlierberghe, E; Vande Vyvere, T; Vanhaudenhuyse, A; Vargiolu, A; Vega, E; Verheyden, J; Vespa, PM; Vik, A; Vilcinis, R; Vizzino, G; Vleggeert-Lankamp, C; Volovici, V; Vulekovic, P; Vámos, Z; Wade, D; Wang, KKW; Wang, L; Wildschut, E; Williams, G; Willumsen, L; Wilson, A; Wilson, L; Winkler, MKL; Ylén, P; Younsi, A; Zaaroor, M; Zhang, Z; Zheng, Z; Zumbo, F; De Lange, S; De Ruiter, GCW; Den Boogert, H; Van Dijck, J; Van Essen, TA; Van Heugten, C; Van Der Jagt, M; Van Der Naalt, J (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Introduction: The strength of evidence underpinning care and treatment recommendations in traumatic brain injury (TBI) is low. Comparative effectiveness research (CER) has been proposed as a framework to provide evidence ...
    • Vegetables: New Zealand Children Are Not Eating Enough

      Rush, E; Savila, F; Jalili-Moghaddam, S; Amoah, I (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      We know that eating a variety of vegetables every day is associated with favorable health across the lifecourse. Internationally, food-based dietary guidelines encourage the consumption of a variety of vegetables and fruit ...
    • Veiled in Darkness: The Everydayness of Being Aged

      Wright-St Clair, V (The Nursing Research Section of New Zealand Nurses Organisation, 2007)