Petrova, K (CITRENZ, 2008)
      No abstract
    • Back to the Future? Aims and Ends for Future-Oriented Science Education Policy – The New Zealand Context

      Gilbert, J (Addleton Academic Publishers, 2017)
      Science and science education are a focus of high-level government policy settings in many countries. Greater public interest in and knowledge of science is seen as being an important prerequisite for economic growth and ...
    • Bacterial and Fungal Communities Respond Differently to Varying Tillage Depth in Agricultural Soils

      Anderson, C; Beare, M; Buckley, HL; Lear, G (PeerJ, 2017)
      In arable cropping systems, reduced or conservation tillage practices are linked with improved soil quality, C retention and higher microbial biomass, but most long- term studies rarely focus on depths greater than 15 cm ...
    • Baire spaces and the Wijsman topology

      Cao, J; Tomita, A (AUT University, 2007)
      In 1960s, when he studied Banach space geometry, R. Wijsman considered the weak topology on the collection of nonempty closed subsets of a metric space generated by the distance functionals viewed as functions of set ...
    • Baire spaces and Vietoris hyperspaces

      Cao, J; Garcia Ferreira, S; Gutev, V (The American Mathematical Society, 2007)
      We prove that if the Vietoris hyperspace CL(X) of all nonempty closed subsets of a space X is Baire, then all finite powers of X must be Baire spaces. In particular, there exists a metrizable Baire space whose Vietoris ...
    • Baire spaces, Tychonoff powers and the Vietoris topology

      Cao, J; Tomita, AH (American Mathematical Society, 2007)
      In this paper, we show that if the Tychonoff power Xω of a quasiregular space X is Baire, then its Vietoris hyperspace 2X is also Baire. We also provide two examples to show (i) the converse of this result does not hold in ...
    • Bangladesh: an umpired democracy

      Crothers, CH; Azad, A (International Foundation for Research and Development (IFRD), 2012)
      This paper reveals that there has been a continuous political confrontation between two archrival political forces in Bangladesh since independence in 1971. In the course of the confrontation, the country has seemingly ...
    • Barefoot running and walking: the pros and cons based on current evidence

      Rome, K; Hancock, D; Poratt, D (New Zealand Medical Association, 2008)
      In response to the recent debate on barefoot running and walking of children published in the New Zealand Herald1 we have put together an argument relating to the pros and cons based on current evidence. There is very ...
    • Barricades and boulevards: material transformations of Paris, 1795-1871

      Douglas, C (Enigma, 2008)
      Large-scale urban violence is a tumultuous, messy, and distressing affair. The materials and patterns of everyday life are disrupted. Amongst death and disarray, however, it would be easy to overlook some of the important ...
    • The Battle for Better Nutrition: The Role of the Escalating Fruit and Vegetable Prices

      Amoah, I; Cairncross, C; Rush, E (New Zealand Medical Association, 2017)
      No abstract.
    • Bayesian fitting procedures for hydrological point processes.

      Parry, K (2014)
      Model fitting and selection typically requires the use of likelihoods. Applying standard methods to hydrological point processes, however, is problematic as their likelihoods are often analytically intractable and the data ...
    • Bayesian Reconstruction of Two-sex Populations by Age: Estimating Sex Ratios at Birth and Sex Ratios of Mortality

      Wheldon, M C; Raftery, A E; Clark, S J; Gerland, P (arXiv, 2013)
      The original version of Bayesian reconstruction, a method for estimating age-specific fertility, mortality, migration and population counts of the recent past with uncertainty, produced estimates for female-only populations. ...
    • Bayesian threshold selection for extremal models using measures of surprise

      Lee, J; Fan, Y; Sisson, S (Cornell University Library, 2013)
      Statistical extreme value theory is concerned with the use of asymptotically motivated models to describe the extreme values of a process. A number of commonly used models are valid for observed data that exceed some high ...
    • Be prepared or she'll be right? Terrorism, hotels and mega events in New Zealand

      Losekoot, E; Poulston, J (The Council for australasian University tourism and Hospitality education (CaUtHe), 2013)
      Between 1972 and 2003 there were 168 attempts by terrorists to attack respondents or spectators at major sporting events around the world. A literature review of over 100 research papers outlines the reasons terrorist ...
    • Bearing Witness 2016: A Fiji Climate Change Journalism Case Study

      Robie, D (Pacific Media Centre, School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
      In February 2016, the Fiji Islands were devastated by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston, the strongest recorded tropical storm in the Southern Hemisphere. The category 5 storm with wind gusts reaching 300 kilometres an hour, ...
    • Bearing Witness 2017: Year 2 of a Pacific climate change storytelling project

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      In 2016, the Pacific Media Centre responded to the devastation and tragedy wrought in Fiji by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston by initiating the Bearing Witness journalism project and dispatching two postgraduate students ...
    • Bearing witness in 40 years of Greenpeace chronicles

      Robie, D (Pacific Media Centre, Auckland University of Technology, 2012)
      Robie, David (2012). Bearing witness in 40 years of Greenpeace chronicles [Review]. Pacific Journalism Review, 18(1): 232-237. Reviews of: Rainbow Warrior Mon Amour: Trente ans de photos aux côtés de Greenpeace, by Pierre ...
    • Becoming Better Helpers: Rethinking Language to Move Beyond Simplistic Responses to Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence

      Wilson, DL; Smith, R; Tolmie, J; de Haan, I (Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS), Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
      The prevalence of family violence is a persistent challenge facing New Zealand. Its effects are pervasive, spanning multiple levels: individuals, family/whanau, communities, and society in general. A major challenge in ...
    • Becoming Iconic

      King, B (Annenberg School, University of Southern California, 2018)
      Contemporary popular journalism and cultural commentary are marked by the widespread proliferation of the term “iconic” in a way that departs from its traditional, sacred meaning, albeit carrying the aura of the former ...
    • Becoming user-centric: implementing a user focus and usability testing for an academic library website

      Murdoch, C; Hearne, S (Library and Information Association of New Zealand, 2014)
      In 2012 Auckland University of Technology Library set out to redevelop its website. Inspired by the work of leaders in the field like Matthew Reidsma and Aaron Schmidt we realised that the virtual space which had become ...