• Mining software metrics from the jazz repository

      Connor, AM (ARPN Journal of Systems and Software, 2011)
      This paper describes the extraction of source code metrics from the Jazz repository and the systematic application of data mining techniques to identify the most useful of those metrics for predicting the success or failure ...
    • Minor parties and employment relations policy change: the New Zealand experience

      Skilling, PD; Molineaux, J (Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ), 2014)
      Employment relations is shaping up as an important point of differentiation between the two major parties (National and Labour) at New Zealand’s 2014 general election. Since the country adopted a proportional electoral ...
    • Mio Frame: commissioned modular system

      Young, E; Richards, E; Boardman, P (Young and Richards, 2009)
      Mio Frame - Commissioned Practice based research project into demountable modular steel framed structural system with case study boutique demountable commercial office building, 2009.
    • Miscommunication Kills: A Rationale for Shared Learning

      Weblemoe, TL; Haxell, A (Interprofessional Health Studies, Auckland University of Technology, 2014)
      No abstract.
    • Misconduct resistance: the management of restricted drugs in the Western Australian public health service

      Pick, D; Issa, T; Teo, S (British Academy of Management (BAM), 2013)
      We employ institutional theory to develop and present a framework – involving institutional drivers, organisational reactions, and outcomes – to examine and further understand misconduct resistance in public sector ...
    • The Misplaced Public of New Zealand Media: Notes Toward a Future Media Scene

      Devadas, V; Nicholls, B (MEDIANZ, 2017)
      This paper interrogates what we believe is an increasingly urgent task: to think about ways of revitalising public life in New Zealand beyond traditional defenses of public broadcasting. The concept of the public in public ...
    • Misuse of foreign diplomatic passports

      Deckert, A; Deckert, A (Queensland University of Technology, 2011)
      A number of internet consultancies advertise their highly-priced intermediary services for obtaining a genuine diplomatic passport. Clients are promised increased status, tax relief, and diplomatic immunity. Under the ...
    • Mitigation of residual flux for high-temperature superconductor (HTS) transformer by controlled switching of HTS breaker arc model

      Lie, T; Ullah, A; Gunawardane, K; Nair, NKC (IEEE, 2017)
      AC circuit breaker's controlled switching is a popular method to reduce dielectric and thermal stresses during switching of transformers, transmission lines, reactor and shunt capacitors. The magnitude of inrush current ...
    • A Mixed Methods Analysis of Gambling Harm for Women in New Zealand

      Palmer Du Preez, K; Mauchline, L; Paavonen, A; Thurlow, R; Garrett, N; Bellringer, M; Landon, J; Abbott, M (Gambling and Addictions Research Centre (GARC), Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for the Ministry of Health, 2019)
      The World Health Organization (WHO) supports multiple layers of gender analysis in health research and policy, accounting for personal and community-level impacts of gender, and investigation of the interactions between ...
    • Mixed Methods Research for the Novice Researcher

      Giddings, L; Grant, B (AUT University; eContent Management Pty Ltd, 2006)
      Mixed methods research is becoming increasingly popular in the health and social science disciplines. The aim of this article is to give an overview of the varieties of mixed methods designs. We begin by situating mixed ...
    • Mixed Methods Research: Positivism Dressed in Drag?

      Giddings, L (AUT University; SAGE, 2006)
      The claim that mixed methods is the third methodological movement of the twentieth century could have unexpected consequences for the future of research in the social sciences and health disciplines. Implied is a belief ...
    • Mixed Reality (XR) Research and Practice: Exploring a New Paradigm in Education

      Aguayo, C (Tuwhera, AUT University, 2021)
      Up until recently, learning affordances (possibilities) offered by immersive digital technology in education, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), were addressed and considered in isolation in educational ...
    • Moana Cosmopolitan Imaginaries: Toward an Emerging Theory of Moana Art

      Lopesi, Lana (Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
      This thesis uses a theoretical approach to examine the way a digital native generation of Moana artists with connections to Aotearoa, and part of global worlds today, imagine their subjectivities, their cultures and their ...
    • MOBDroid: An Intelligent Malware Detection System for Improved Data Security in Mobile Cloud Computing Environments

      Ogwara, NO; Petrova, K; Yang, MLB (IEEE, 2020)
      We propose an intelligent malware detection system (MOBDroid) that aims to protect the end-user's mobile device (MD) in mobile cloud computing (MCC) environment. MOBDroid utilizes the Android Operating System (OS) ...
    • Mobile commerce adoption: end-user/customer views

      Petrova, K. (GBATA, 2004)
      A number of research articles published recently emphasize the strong potential of mobile commerce, the competitive advantage it might bring to providers and to developers, and the benefits to be enjoyed by private and ...
    • Mobile Data Service Adoption and Use from a Service Supply Perspective - An Empirical Investigation

      Petrova, K; MacDonell, S; Parry, D (SciTePress, 2016)
      The paper presents the findings of an empirical study of the views of a selection of mobile data service (MDS) supply chain participants about anticipated MDS customer requirements and expectations, and about the MDS ...
    • A Mobile Ecology of Resources for Covid-19 Learning

      Sinfield, D; Narayan, V; Cochrane, T; Cowie, N; Hinze, M; Birt, J; Deneen, C; Goldacre, P; Ransom, L; Worthington, T (ASCILITE, 2020)
      Educators around the world have had to switch to emergency remote teaching in a matter of days, for some it happened overnight (Bozkurt et al, 2020). While students have always met the educators in their space that is ...
    • Mobile Learning Special Interest Group Symposium: Revisiting Mobile Mixed Reality

      Narayan, V; Cochrane, T; Birt, J; Aguayo, C; Stretton, T; Hong, J; Cowling, M (ASCILITE, 2019)
      This symposium discussion is based around the 2019 update to the special collection of Research in Learning Technology (RLT) on Mobile Mixed Reality (MMR) Enhanced Learning that the ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG has coordinated ...
    • Mobile payment: towards a customer-centric model

      Petrova, K (Springer-Verlag, 2008)
      Mobile payment normally occurs as a wireless transaction of monetary value and includes the initiation, authorization and the realization of the payment. Such transactions are facilitated by purpose-built mobile payment ...
    • Mobile realities and dreams: are students and teachers dreaming alone or together?

      Bassett, Mark; Kelly, Oriel (ASCILITE, 2013)
      The use of mobile technologies and social media for teaching and learning signals the potential for ontological shifts in learning and teaching, redefining the roles of both students and lecturers. Understanding tertiary ...