Alcohol and hospitality - Operational decisions on a marae

Losekoot, E
Sherlock, D
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The Council for australasian University tourism and Hospitality education (CaUtHe)

The issue of alcohol in hospitality has always been a controversial one. In order to address this topic in the cultural context of a marae (communal meeting place) with commercial hospitality facilities on a site regarded as tapu (sacred) and containing many taonga (treasures) this paper considers the operational implications of a decision by the kaumatua (tribal elders) not to allow alcohol to be brought onto the premises. The way in which this is communicated to guests and the impact on the management of the facility is discussed. The paper concludes with some suggestions for further research into the experience of visitors to culturally significant sites.

Alcohol , Hospitality operation , New Zealand , Marae , Employee , Food and beverage
CAUTHE 2013 held at Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2013-02-11 to 2013-02-14, published in: Tourism and Global Change: On the edge of something big, pp.469 - 473 (5)
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