• Alienation theory and its relationship to contemporary Arte Povera practice

      Conger, Elizabeth C (Auckland University of Technology, 2007)
      In this Exegesis I explore the rehabilitation of marginalized materials through a sculptural practice. The materiality of the work focuses on the commonality of the everyday through selection editing and transparency of ...
    • Black: The interplay between repetition, regularity and rhythm in the chinese strokes

      Ye, Ching (Auckland University of Technology, 2003)
      This research project involves the generation and testing of a body of work that considers three design elements: (i) the colour [black], (ii) calligraphic type [regular script] and (iii) the grid [square]. The physical ...
    • Extrapolating the decorative

      Thomsett-Taylor, Mandy (Auckland University of Technology, 2006)
      This project involves the creation of a body of artwork that reconsiders and provokes notions of the 'decorative'. The premise should not be regarded as an attempt to rehabilitate an aspect of the 'decorative arts' as being ...
    • Liminal Migrant : An Exploration of Immigrant Identity Issues Through Digital Photography and Digital Media

      Darvishzadeh Zolpirani, Korosh (Auckland University of Technology, 2006)
      No abstract.
    • Memory to artefact

      Piper, Greg (Auckland University of Technology, 2003)
      No abstract.
    • Perception and expectation: You can perceive my paintings, but my paintings can't perceive you

      Yamamoto, Norito (Auckland University of Technology, 2006)
      Improvisation is generally understood to mean something that is created by spontaneity. It may result in something unexpected or an unplanned act. In this work, I define improvisation more specifically as action which only ...
    • The invisible view: Betwixt and between

      Latimer, Christine (Auckland University of Technology, 2008)
      This thesis explores the idea of a liminal space, as being dreamlike, suspended in time and physically unlocatable. It questions and exploits the boundary between abstraction and figuration in painting. This investigation ...
    • The unsettled object

      Sharek, Elizabeth (Auckland University of Technology, 2007)
      The Unsettled Object is an installational art project that considers the instability of objects in regards to their assembly, classification, and presentation, underpinned by the context of the museum and supported by ...
    • Transformance

      Pringle, Warren (Auckland University of Technology, 2012)
      Transformance is the making and experience of artwork, either visual or performative, which enables passive or participatory emotive identification and transcendence.