• Concepts of Creation, Representations and Vulnerable Populations: The Terraform of a Science Fiction Novel

      Jenkin, Andra (Auckland University of Technology, 2020)
      Prisoners in the Temple of Money is a science fiction novel with comedic elements, set against the socio-political backdrop of a world where humanity having fled a dead Earth to spread across the solar system, struggle to ...
    • Night Owl and Other Poems, With a Manifesto on Imagination and Poetics

      Yuvarajan, Dushyandhan (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
      “The Night Owl and Other Poems” is a collection of poems that explores four areas of the human condition, destruction, humanity, sorrow and love, and explores how these four areas are affected under a variety of experiences ...
    • The Poet's Work

      Roach, Gillian (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
      The thesis Bread Winner is a collection of 50 poems that explores the question What do you do? Often the starting point in conversation when two people meet, this tricky question reflects the widely-held view that what ...
    • Primrose Moore's legacy

      Melding, Pamela Susan (Auckland University of Technology, 2012)
      The Exegesis "Walking Long Enough" discusses the influences having an impact on my thesis, the novel, Primrose Moore’s Legacy, submitted for the degree of Master of Creative Writing. Primrose Moore’s Legacy is a young ...
    • The Process - An Exegesis to the Thesis MS Dhoni: Triumphs and Disasters

      Deshpande, Viraj (Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
      MS Dhoni: Triumphs and Disasters is a creative non-fiction book that relives the highs and lows in the career of India’s most successful cricket captain. It begins with the story of how cricket became such a big sport in ...
    • Telling an African story as a White Man

      Sonnekus, Neil (Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
      "If you don't live politics, politics will live you." Marlon James
    • The Truth About Writing Teenage Fiction As I Now Know It

      Musson, Emma (Auckland University of Technology, 2020)
      Young adults. On the brink of adulthood, they wait, sometimes impatiently, for that day to arrive so they can be older, wiser, free of the constraints they often feel hold them back. It is during these years of growth and ...