Metamorphoses: reflections on a material world

Barnes, Olivia
Jervis, Ian
McIntyre, Simon
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Master of Art and Design
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Auckland University of Technology

Metamorphoses: reflections on a material world, explores the world in motion – a world in perpetual change. We usually negotiate this world through engaging with a complacent register of everyday surrounds and extant signs, remaining unaware of the fundamental, often slow or subtle, change in all aspects of this shifting world – both its material nature and the concepts we hold of it. The project draws focus towards familiar perspectives we bring to bear on things that we might pass-by in an everyday encounter, or on which the eye might come to rest without expectation, having no question to ask, no work to do. Painting is employed in this project as a means of revitalising or re-orientating these perspectives. In turn, re-energising the eye, refreshing the utterly and exhaustedly familiar, and regenerating receptivity towards change inherent in all things, including ourselves. I explore how the image-ness of the world is distanced from our experience because we habitually translate it into indexical signs – into another language. Painting here explores how it might generate moments of vision where we encounter images more immediately though affective experience, and where affective response might reconstitute our conceptualisation of everyday things as they metamorphose through different durations of time. That which may initially have been perceived as inert or fixed, might now flow into new channels of feeling and thought.

Painting , Perpetual change , Time , Re-orientating familiar perspectives
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