Pasifika youth in South Auckland: family, community, gangs, culture, leadership and the future

Nakhid, C
Collins, E
Tanielu, R
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Commissioned Report
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The Families Commission

Pasifika youth make a significant impact on the demographic profile of South Auckland and are a major focus of the many projections regarding population, employment and education in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The place of family and community is regarded as an important influence on the future of Pasifika youth yet how these youth view the place of Pasifika families in the future is not adequately covered in the research literature. As more Pasifika youth are thought to be joining gangs, there are also concerns as to whether the gangs have replaced the family for Pasifika youth and whether the street has become home to these youth.

Pacific families now and in the future: Pasifika youth in south Auckland family, gangs, community, culture, leadership and the future. Report No 2/09.
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