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    • A preliminary model of the development of early visual perception

      Brooking, Kristofer (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
      Developmental researchers typically use equivocal terminology to explain the foundation of visual perception in infancy. Terms such as “occlusion”, “permanence”, and even “object” provide a convenient explanation of infant ...
    • Resolving co-reference Anaphora using Semantic Constraints

      Nand, Parma (Auckland University of Technology, 2012)
      Anaphora resolution forms a critical cornerstone of natural language computational systems and hence forms a large part of computational linguistics literature. Study of anaphora is as old as the origin of languages, ...
    • Testing cognitive mapping ideas on a mobile robot

      Brunner, Thomas (Auckland University of Technology, 2011)
      A recent theory of perceptual mapping argues that humans process spatial information in a different way than previously thought. In particular, the theory suggests a process which, unlike SLAM, does not correct perceptual ...