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    • "I want to be a forensic scientist playboy bunny"

      Waldner, Lisa Marie (Auckland University of Technology, 2013)
      The moving image work I want to be a forensic scientist playboy bunny offers a creative consideration of contemporary female representation. This thesis considers how a typographic discourse might communicate the current ...
    • Intuition in a small interior domestic space

      Lee, HueyMing (Auckland University of Technology, 2011)
      This practice-led research project explores the potential of paper as a medium to communicate complex ideas and emotions. Through this exploration I will employ the notion of water as a conceptual lens through which I will ...
    • Vastra Avatar: a personal manifestation of fashion, culture, and identity

      Naware, Mihika (Auckland University of Technology, 2009)
      This research project asks; what is the potential for garments to express an Indian/European cultural hybridisation? The research explores the development of an alternative aesthetic by hybridising the ethos of traditional ...