Biotin-kodecytes - novel function-spacer-lipid (FSL) modified cells capable of being recovered from the circulation after 3 days

Oliver, C
Blake, D
Ferguson, S
Bovin, N
Henry, S
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The ability to modify a population of blood cells with both an antigen of interest and an identification-recovery label, infuse them into the circulation of an animal, and then visualize or recover a sample of the infused cells some hours-days later for analysis, is now possible through the use of FSL (function-spacer-lipid) constructs. FSL constructs are analogous in structure to a flower and consist of three components; a functional head group (like the flower head), a pacer (like a stalk) and a diacylipid tail (the anchoring roots). All FSLs are biocompatible and allow users to introduce novel functional moieties to the membrane surface of living cells.

Federation of European Biochemical Societies(FEBS) Journal, Special Issue: Abstracts of the 35th FEBS Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden, vol.277(Suppl. 1), pp.50 - 51
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