Constructive dismissals in hospitality: perceived incidence and acceptance

Poulston, J
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Department of Tourism, University of Otago

Constructive dismissal and ad hoc disciplinary procedures are common in hospitality and many employees feel they are treated poorly by their immediate supervisors. This study identifies the perceived incidence and acceptance of constructive dismissals in the New Zealand hospitality industry, and the characteristics of those strongly associated with constructive dismissal. Quantitative data from 534 Auckland hospitality workers are analysed as part of a wider doctoral study, and results relating to constructive dismissal presented in this paper.

The study expected to reveal management ’s passive support for constructive dismissal, but instead showed managers are substantially unaware of the levels of bullying and harassment reported by staff and supervisors. High incidence levels of constructive dismissals are associated with supervisors and casual employees, and low levels with older employees, higher salaries, and managers. Responses on perceived incidence of constructive dismissals from supervisors and full-time employees implicate them as the primary cause, and casual employees as the primary victims. Constructive dismissal is strongly associated with high staff turnover, and is therefore considered a likely cause. Supervisor training and improvement of selection and induction techniques are recommended as solutions for both staff turnover and constructive dismissal.

Hospitality , Staff , Supervisors , Constructive dismissal , Staff turnover
New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2006-12-05 - 2006-12-07, p. 112
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