Construction Procurement Selection Criteria: A Review and Research Agenda

Ying, F
Zhao, N
Tookey, J
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This paper presents a comprehensive literature review that addresses procurement selection criteria associated with procurement system evaluation in the construction sector. The aim is to consolidate the knowledge of construction procurement selection criteria (PSC) and provide future research directions. A systematic literature review (SLR) of 37 peer-reviewed journal articles from 1998 to 2019 in the construction procurement system selection process is carried out to understand the extant theoretical and practical foundations of the field. Two hundred fifty-six PSC have been identified. Descriptive and material analysis reveals (1) PSC evolved to match the promotion of emerging procurement systems in the construction industry; (2) three emerging themes of PSC have been identified, namely procurement systems, decision aid tools, and PSC identification methods; (3) PSC could be classified into generic criteria and unique criteria; (4) geographic location may not have a significant impact on the choice of procurement systems. This work identifies and discusses potential research interests in improving PSC identification. The research path, current trends, and future research directions in construction procurement selection are revealed. The paper provides the foundation and impetus for further investigation into procurement system selection practices.

Procurement selection criteria; Construction procurement methods; Criteria identification; Systematic literature review; Construction
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