Inhabiting Doors: Using Haptic Terrains to Extend Spatio-Temporal Awareness

Halliday, Phoebe Elizabeth
O'Hara, Emily
Tapuni, Nooroa
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Master of Design
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Auckland University of Technology

As we pass over boundaries and cross thresholds, we start to inhabit the spaces around us. This research project explores how the act of moving between spaces via the door might create a heightened awareness of this threshold and the inhabited spaces beyond. The hand is a critical moment in all stages of the design that approach leading to the outcome.

Touch points have become a key focal point in my project, as it shapes how the planar surface of the door extends the opportunity for multiple touch points. The hand and touch points of a doors planar surface work on building how we inhabit the spaces before and beyond a door.

This project explores the material qualities of wood and asks how far the material can be pushed while still maintaining functionality as a door. Through explorative methods and using the hand as a tool, I use a chisel and mallet and consider the sound of the chisel as it strips away each thin layer of wood, guiding the chisel to the next spot. Through this process, I blow up the scale of a small touch point (handle) into a haptic terrain of textures across a larger surface.

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