Bespoke Benchmarking Framework Employed As Vehicle and Platform for Open Innovation – a Healthcare Infrastructure Case

Dehe, B
Bamford, D
Kotcharin, S
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We report on the development, testing and implementation of a bespoke benchmarking framework and assess its influence on the open innovation performance of new healthcare infrastructure. The research was developed from a series of 10 workshops, which took place after a four-month public consultation. This investigation borrows a pragmatic paradigm and is inductive and qualitative by nature, but uses quantitative scoring within the benchmarking assessment. The established framework is composed of 4 dimensions: Infrastructure Design & Management; Service Provision & Deployment; Operational Systems and Decision-Making Enablers, and 39 criteria. The assessment of the focal healthcare infrastructure is provided, along with three specific external cases, two from the UK: P and W, and one from the USA: SH, considered as best practice. Importantly, the study also reports on the experts’ reflective analysis, to examine in depth how benchmarking became the catalyst and knowledge management platform triggering open innovation.

Benchmarking; open; Innovation; Built environment; Healthcare
Production Planning & Control, DOI: 10.1080/09537287.2022.2126952
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