Are They Watching: Pedagogical Influence of Role Modeling on Student Competence, Confidence, and Clinical Reasoning

Erlam, GD
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Background: This article examines the effects of role modeling used as an educational scaffold in simulation. Students requested an exemplar of what was expected before entering the simulation scenario. Three expert nurses were filmed managing a deteriorating patient scenario with these videos then used in pre-briefing with undergraduate nursing students. Method: Action research is employed with undergraduate nursing students (n = 161) who acted as co-researchers in that they are asked for changes in simulation which will improve their learning in the areas of knowledge acquisition, skill development, critical thinking, and communication. Three action research cycles were employed with feedback from each cycle informing the next. Results: The use of an expert role modeling video as a prebriefing educational scaffold strengthened professional competence, clinical reasoning and judgment, and professional confidence. Furthermore, designing roles within the simulation allowed students to gain competence in managing one small piece of the overall situation. Conclusion: This research highlights the effectiveness of pre-briefing video clips in enhancing student learning with undergraduate nurses. These abilities are essential in order to provide safe and competent care, and to encourage professional identity/development in undergraduate nurses.

Educational Scaffold; Simulation; Modeling; Deteriorating Patient; Action Research; Situated Teaching
Open Journal of Nursing, 12, 411-427. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2022.126028.
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