Identification of the Scope of Information Technology Intervention in Horticulture in the Post COVID World – A Thematic Analysis Approach

Chand, Amrik
Vaidya, Ranjan
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the agriculture industry across the world. Agricultural activities are time-bound and, the impacts of the COVID-19 on agriculture are currently under scrutiny. COVID-19 has also changed the dominant discourses in agricultural research. This study seeks to understand the dominant discourses in the impact of COVID-19 on agriculture and aims to identify the potential avenues of information technology interventions.

This research study uses a qualitative research method, i.e., thematic analysis. In this research, peer-reviewed research articles are predominantly used as secondary data. Various themes and sub-themes that emerged from these research articles are classified into four main themes: (1) Farmer lockdown experience; (2) Horticulture, Digital transformation and COVID-19; (3) Low productivity and urgent need of technology adoption; (4) Other themes

This research finds the dominant discourses in the horticulture sector during the COVID-19 pandemic and how information technology intervenes to meet and or control these challenges. The results from the research will contribute to our understanding of information technology responses to disruptions.

COVID-19 , Horticulture , Food supply , Online buying , Labour shortage
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