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dc.contributor.advisorBancroft, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorMcGrath, Raymond L
dc.description.abstractThis thesis consists of practice-led research in the form of a full-length script for a feature film; plus a 6000-word essay (exegesis). A summary of the script is as follows: Synopsis Liliath and Coralia are the closest of friends. Pre-teen Faerie girls living in paradise. But, when a boy invades their sanctuary, the friendship is truly tested—overwhelmed by grief, Liliath exiles herself where danger and survival are welcome distractions from guilt. But the Mother is always testing her queens, and something calls her – deep, rhythmic and constant. Desperate for silence and solitude, Liliath refuses to listen – until the arrival of another of her kind forces her to confront her past. If she can accept the true nature of love and finally see herself as the world sees her, she will find her tribe and learn to live again. The script is framed by an Exegesis which is a 6000-word essay on the subject of: (a) the genre of the script (b) the development process from synopsis to second draften_NZ
dc.publisherAuckland University of Technology
dc.typeThesisen_NZ University of Technology Theses of Creative Writingen_NZ

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