Inclusive Workplace Health and Safety in Hospitality: The Models that Support Ethnic Diversity

Won, Maria Eugene
Ravenswood, Katherine
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Master of Business
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Auckland University of Technology

According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (2018) New Zealand has some population groups which are at larger risk of harms in New Zealand, such as Māori, Pasifika, migrants, elderly workers, and young workers. While New Zealand’s work-related accident rate is steadily rising, this dissertation focuses on an ethnically diverse workforce, including migrants, and considers them as a significant factor that affects New Zealand’s overall workplace health and safety (WHS).

This dissertation aims to identify the best health and safety practices that encourage an inclusive workplace health and safety culture for an ethnically diverse workforce, especially in New Zealand’s hospitality industry where an ethnically diverse workforce, including migrants, are prevalent. Academic journal articles, relevant to WHS of an ethnically diverse workforce, were critically reviewed and analysed to identify a gap in research and practice and to create an effective health and safety model that supports ethnic diversity. Related reports written by WorkSafe and the New Zealand Government had also been used for analysis.

The dissertation provides insights on the various ethnically diverse workers’ perspectives of WHS. It was found that ethnically diverse workforce is highly exposed to work-related hazards, and the main reasons were: 1) language barrier, 2) cultural difference, 3) job insecurity, 4) discrimination, 5) isolation. This means that an ethnically diverse workforce faces more challenging situations in the workplace and there is a high chance of an ethnically diverse workforce being affected by both physical and psychosocial hazards which could damage their health and safety.

Health and safety , Health and safety in the hospitality industry , Ethnically diverse workforce , Migrant workers in the hospitality industry , Accident and injuries , Under-reporting accident , Hospitality industry in New Zealand
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