Crossing Borders: Border Pedagogy and the Formation of Emerging Adults in Theological Education

Barnard, Mark
Benade, Leon
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Master of Philosophy
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Auckland University of Technology

The intention of this thesis is to consider how the Border Pedagogy articulated by Henry Giroux (1992) might be applied to the formation of emerging adult education at St John’s Theological College. The literature is explored in order to clearly articulate Giroux’s articulation of border pedagogy, its philosophical basis and pedagogical implications. The applications of border pedagogy in contexts related to emerging adult (EA) education are discussed to identify points of potential practice application.

The literature relating to emerging adults (EAs) and their development is also considered. A number of potential connections with border pedagogy as a practice framework are identified for further discussion in the thesis. The concept of formation is also explored with the view of providing a guiding definition for considering the formation of EAs in a theological education context. The suitability and potential for St John’s College as a site of border crossing formation is then explored.

For this pedagogical approach to be considered within a formational training programme at an Anglican theological college, it needs to be identified as a fit philosophically and theologically. A rationale is provided as to how this pedagogical theory connects. The border crossing motif is explored, identifying a strong philosophical resonance within the biblical story.

Finally, the thesis seeks to bring the key observations together by proposing a practice framework for border pedagogy with EA’s. The insights and questions identified in the previous chapters are further explored, considering how they could potentially guide the application of border crossing formation.

Border pedagogy , Henry Giroux , Formation , Emerging Adults , Theological Education
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