Lights, Action, Naughty Bits: A Thematic Analysis of New Zealander’s Attitudes to Naked Attraction

Matthews, J
Nairn, A
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Journal Article
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The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)

The sexualisation of culture has generated much debate in western discourse around its effect on the normalisation of nudity and sexual activity. The reality television show Naked Attraction has increased the dialogue around this debate after its airing, originally in the UK, and then in international territories. The show has been applauded for profiling diverse people, whether that be concerning sexual orientation, body image, gender or ethnicity. However, it has also been accused of showcasing pornography. To explore where New Zealanders’ attitudes were positioned on the show, we thematically analysed online comments from two local media entities and found that New Zealanders were positive on its nudity and approach to sexual discourse.

Body positivity; Physical appearance; Reality television; Sexualisation; Naked Attraction
IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies, 5(2).
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