Building a Sense of Identity Belonging and Culture Through Place-making and Creative Co-design: Practices Within New Zealand’s Educational Context

Chan, Y
Rachev, R
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The key role and the importance of arts and culture in shaping today’s creative economy and bringing vibrant range of creative and cultural activities to the public has been steadily growing in the past few years. This paper investigates the question of how design research contributes to belonging and wellbeing, specifically in the context of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Through a proposed three-folded structure: a) Toi Whītiki in Action, b) Aotearoa – New Zealand and Education Context, and c) Student Case Studies, this paper delves deeper into student creative projects and city co-design practices to enhance a city’s status of wellbeing and engagement with diverse culture.

Aotearoa; Arts and Culture; Design Research; Collaborative Practices; Placemaking; Wellbeing
In Boess, S., Cheung, M. and Cain, R. (eds.), Synergy - DRS International Conference 2020, 11-14 August, Held online.
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