Using Blogs to Develop and Determine Graduate Competencies in an Undergraduate Business Subject

Deneen, C
Ali, I
Byard, K
Kommunuri, J
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Graduate competencies are increasingly in demand from professional sectors, but with insufficient response from professional degree programs. This study examines the use of blogs as assessment in a first-year Bachelor of Business program. Three hundred and nine students responded to an online questionnaire exploring their perceptions of blog as a learning and assessment tool. Of particular focus were students' perceptions on ease of use, benefit and impact on the recognised graduate competency of writing skills. A regression model was applied to data analys in association between perception of improvement in the quality and quantity of the students' work (Q&Q) and several other variables. Results suggest a significant and complex relationship between participants' perception of the flexibility and benefit of the blog and three areas relevant to writing skills: self-reported improvement in writing, increased ownership of learning, and development of reflective skills. Implications for further research and practice are discussed.

Blogs; Graduate competencies; Technology-enhanced assessment; Business education; Professional education
Personalised Learning. Diverse Goals. One Heart. ASCILITE 2019 Singapore (pp. 130-138).
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