• Jamming Imperialism: Māori Radio and Postcolonial New Zealand

      Hoar, P
      New Zealand as a nation state was born imperial with the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty established a partnership between Māori, the indigenous people, and the British Crown. The Treaty underpins all aspects of modern ...
    • JMAD New Zealand Media Ownership 2020

      Baker, S; Hoar, P; Hope, W; McEwan, R; Middleton, A; Myllylahti, M; Treadwell, G (AUT Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy (JMAD), 2020)
      No abstract.
    • A Lucid Lecturess: The Voices of New Zealand’s Silent Cinema

      Hoar, P (2016)
      This article attempts to record some of the faint echoes left from the days of silent cinema in New Zealand. Sound has been an integral part of cinematic experience in New Zealand since the very first exhibitions during ...