Climate Finance Landscape for Aotearoa New Zealand: A Preliminary Survey

Hall, D
Lindsay, S
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Commissioned Report
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Mōhio and Auckland University of Technology

This report, prepared by consultancy Mōhio, examines climate finance in New Zealand. It includes a snapshot of key existing climate finance flows and a look at the instruments available to the Government and private sector such as grants, debt and bonds.

The report also outlines the enabling environment required to better facilitate the flows of finance toward low emissions and climate-resilient outcomes. This includes considerations such as information flows, tracking, regulations, organisational forms, and wider alignment across innovation, research and development and other environmental and social outcomes.

David Hall and Sam Lindsay (2017), Climate Finance Landscape for Aotearoa New Zealand: A Preliminary Survey, Report Prepared for the Ministry for the Environment, Auckland: Mōhio.
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