Interview With a Chainsaw: An Object Oriented Exploitation Manual

Charlton, J
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College of Fine Arts (COFA), National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA), UNSW

This submission proposes critical reflection on an action in which the artist conducts an interview with a chainsaw. The submission is comprised of two recordings – the interview, and a contextual reading of the interview. The work stems from current research into issues of causation in artistic practice with regards to the autonomous object as proposed by Speculative Realism. Interview. The interview is a private performative action in which a chainsaw assumes the subject position within a conventional interview framework. The interview starts with the interviewer starting the chainsaw and assuming a seated position in an opposing chair. The interviewer poses a series of “questions” to the chainsaw that can be partially heard over the motor that continues to idle for the duration of the interview. The interview questions take the form of both verbal and physical propositions that are asked of the saw. The interview concludes when the chain saw runs out of petrol.

ON Objects (2014), Issue 140.
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