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dc.contributor.advisorBancroft, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorSingh, Sondiyp
dc.description.abstractThis thesis consists of practice-led research in the form of a full-length script for a feature film; plus a 6000-word exegesis. A summary of the script is as follows: 7 years after a life-changing festival, five old school friends; Sarah, Phoebe, Cole, and Jono, are reunited by the return of Raj, who naively promised them all that nothing would change when he left, and they would always be friends. It's quickly apparent that everything has changed, and that none of them are better off for it. Raj is faced with an arranged marriage he does not want, his ex- girlfriend Sarah and her twin sister Phoebe’s relationship is about to fall apart, Cole has become a surly, isolated doctor, and Jono is a spiralling drug-addled failure. Seeking an escape from his situation, Raj drunkenly convinces them all to make one last memory together for old-times-sake, and return to the festival they so loved. However with a deranged drug dealer and Raj’s overbearing parents on the road behind them, this definitely won’t be the summer roadie they were all hoping for. The script is framed by an Exegesis which is a 6000-word essay on the subject of: (a) the genre of the script
 (b) the development process from synopsis to second draft NOTE: The thesis is approved by the Faculty of Culture and Society for an indefinite term embargo.en_NZ
dc.publisherAuckland University of Technology
dc.subjectRoad movieen_NZ
dc.subjectComing-of-age filmen_NZ
dc.subjectNew Zealand dramaen_NZ
dc.subjectNew Zealand comedy filmen_NZ
dc.titleAll Roadsen_NZ
dc.typeThesisen_NZ University of Technology Theses of Creative Writingen_NZ

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